The Art of Collecting

What is the big deal with art collections? A collection unifies a variety of isolated artistic expressions into a coherent whole. It has the capacity to galvanise their potential, unveiling fresh, new readings and thus remodeling our understanding of them.

Every collection is tied to a specific story. It can embody one’s own mind and taste, and at the same time stand for the zeitgeist of a whole era: a highly personal pursuit which can still become a legacy of immeasurable value to the greater public in the future.

We believe that the increasing presence and interaction of today’s collector reflects a developed society with a strong commitment with its artists. The stimulation of widespread collecting activity becomes crucial at the time of paving a way towards ​a strong and well-established culture ​of artistic ​participation and exchange.


Our Collection

All artworks in our collection have been carefully selected to the best of our expertise. With our eye on the most ebullient creative centres, we target works by young artists ​who have studied at a reputable institution, exhibit regularly and play an active role in today’s creative scene.

Our criterion leads a rigorous ​selection process based on ​the quality of the work, its contribution to contemporary discourse and its capacity to question, subvert and stand out.

The collection is an assorted, ​flowing one, integrating a wide diversity of mediums, styles and formats into a vibrant ​compendium which vouches ​for interdisciplinary dialogue and novelty. Almost all pieces ​in our ​​digital ​collection are ​available to our partners for temporary viewing upon request.


Our Work

We offer the new generations of art collectors a direct and easy way to access the work of highly ​skilled contemporary artists, fostering the cross-national communication between them. We feel especially inclined toward collectors who are passionate and open-minded, not necessarily experienced yet eager to take risks, learn and play a vital role in today’s art scene. ​

Commitment towards our artists shows not only in our exposure and circulation of their work, but also through their life-long incorporation into a thriving network of buyers, collectors and art enthusiasts.

We provide support ​for the continuation of their activities and follow up of these closely, granting us a deeper understanding of ​their ​practices ​at the time of introducing them to you.


Our Goal

Our ultimate aim is to become a wide-reaching cultural entity through the creation of a collectively-owned collection, in which both novice collectors as well as more experienced ones can come together in an art investment fund.

With the investment of our partners, our team intends to manage both the growth and diversification of the collection, as well as its display to an international public. We would perform this through periodic exhibition programmes, both within and outside our organisation, as well as seeking out new acquisitions.

In the long run, COCO is motivated to become a lively archive of emerging tendencies in​contemporary art, acting globally as a reference both institutional and academic, as well as serving as a launch pad for emerging artists and the art lovers who would like to become part ​of the building of a collection.