Álvaro Borobio

Year: 2017
Medium: Mixed media on canvas
Dimensions: 185 x 220 cm · 73 x 87 in

Inspired by his trip as a teenager to Costa Rica and the photographs he took there, this piece reflects the characteristic style of the artist, representative for his brush stroke and the use of a varied colour range. In it he interprets an imaginary scene based on subjective experience and memory, evoking the feeling of immersion in the natural environment that presents itself as a dense and crude fabric of cacophonic marks.

The alternation between figurative and abstract language is intensified by the use of mixed techniques where the artist uses from industrial materials to those from the earth. This hinting toward the hybridism between the artificial and the natural is appreciated throughout his career where he takes through nature and his links between her the leitmotiv of his work. Characterized by its movement, energy and speed, he alternates his use of materials between the systematic, naïveté or excess.

This large-format creation, with no spatial limits on its surface and no hierarchy between the parts of it, is reminiscent of the action painting trend derived from abstract expressionism where controllable and uncontrollable factors are mixed. Throwing, splashing, pouring and dripping are methods that the artist often uses in his production.