Sin título
Álvaro Borobio

Year: 2017
Medium: Mixed media on canvas
Dimensions: 320 x 185 cm · 125 x 73 in

Through its vibrant palette and a wide range of expressive motifs, this large format painting invites us to enter into an experience of great sensorial richness, in which we can appreciate in a almost tangible way the physical involvement of the artist with the work. Like all his work, Borobio adopts the expressive gestures and expressive modes characteristic of Abstract Expressionism of the 50, working horizontally on canvas in crude that fixes in the ground, moving by its surface like a living brush.

The work is formed by layers that the artist is allowed to dry in areas, while in others he agglutinates in wet paint, mineral diluents, ink, acrylic, oil, charcoal, labeled with foreign materials and tools such as industrial varnishes, egg yolk emulsions, using a brush. Before our eyes are generated, spontaneously, mottled blotches of fuchsias and yellows which seem to simulate biological tissues; fortuitous marks, sinuous traces that remind us of the contours of jungle foliage, uncontrolled growths that invade an ethereal space, where conflicting records, abstraction and figuration, intention and chance are intertwined