Álvaro Borobio
Madrid 1984

​Álvaro Borobio is a Spanish artist who lives and works in Madrid. Since completing a BA in Architecture in 2011 and an MA in Painting in the Complutense University of Madrid in 2014, he has participated in various solo and group shows, his most recent one being Purple FLOYD in White Lab Gallery, Madrid. In 2010 he was granted the Fine Arts Scholarship from the Slade School of Fine Art in London, and in 2012 the Patronage Award from ArteLateral in Madrid.

Borobio’s work embodies a continuous exploration of the dualism between the human and natural realm, unveiling new realities in which nature and urban architecture are understood as a single entity, while simultaneously highlighting their polarity through the interweaving, and sometimes physical layering, of divergent visual languages.

Through his signature expressiveness, he manifests his concern with the relationship between society and the natural environment, intersecting –and sometimes physically layering- contrasting registers and diverging visual languages. Through his particular expressiveness, he expresses a concern regarding the relationship between metropolitan society, the natural environment and the active role that man plays in the encounter between both.

His approaches, rooted in contemporary urbanism theory, reconsider new ways of conceiving and inhabiting the city, extolling those hybrid spaces in which the organic mingles with the man-made. Often he works from small sketches, studies and schematic drawings, which always accompany him in the studio like a research diary, used as references which he later transcribes onto larger surfaces which he has previously intervened.

Through the lively and energetic chromatic palette of his paintings, Borobio aims to awaken in the spectator unusual moods, moving us to hypothetical places away from the everyday, always inviting reflection. In this way he criticizes the accelerated rhythms of growth and development that govern our reality, offering other alternatives in the form of fictitious places, different ways of inhabiting the world.

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