Anne-Marie Cosgrove
Montreal (CA) 1956

​Anne-Marie Cosgrove is a Canadian artist based in Toronto. After studying a BFA in Studio Studies at Concordia University she completed a MFA in Painting at York University.

She has been awarded the Exhibition Assistance grant by the Ontario Arts Council in six occasions, as well as a Short Term Grant (1991) and two Travel Grants by the Canada Council (1989-91). She was also granted the Palazzo Rinaldi residency (Noepoli, 2015).

Among her solo exhibitions feature “Model Citizens” at Clio Art Fair (New York, 2015), “Continuation” at the Red Head Gallery (Toronto, 2014) and “The Tiger´s Odds” at the Select Fair (Miami, 2013). She has also participated in several group shows such as “Writing on the wall” at The Grange Art Gallery (Toronto, 2014) and “Differences on identity: Artistic perspectives (Venice, 2015).

Cosgrove’s paintings may be interpreted as reference points to specific conditions which surround her at the time of making, the subject of her work loosely framed between the articulation of surface and the politics of existence in which she finds herself. Working with opacity, transparency, layering and attention to the formal «all over» qualities of the surface, her approach to painting is to cover the latter by simultaneously obscuring and revealing through underpainting and overpainting previous actions.

Her gestural marks are usually rhythmically arranged over an underlying, symmetrical mapping of the surface, tightly iterating simple, quick dashes in compact arrangements to convey a sense of spatial density, enticing the viewer into its doughy and enveloping constriction.

The swift resoluteness of both gesture and line enables a reading that seems ‘of the moment’, similar to the immediacy of a graffiti tag. Cosgrove consciously and subconsciously investigates several convergences, specifically, the physicality of the act of painting, its gestures and traces on a flat surface and the combined effects of intention and chance.

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