Teen Graduation
Davide Dicorato

Year: 2016
Medium: Ice cream cones, car air filter, photographic print
Variable dimensions

This piece reflects the artist’s trademark use of found materials and readymade objects through which meanings and associations become suspended and re-wired into new narratives.

In this playful and carefree construction, a bright-orange air-filter sits in precarious balance atop three inverted ice-cream cones. Held between its ribbed folds, like a piece of blank paper on a typewriter feed roller, or a cherished manuscript on an archival cabinet, sits a photograph depicting the silhouette of a kite against a bright blue sky.

The highly associative power of the chosen objects elicits immediate feelings of nostalgia and longing for past memories, with their warm, inviting colours and overt childhood references. The idea of loss and the ephemerality of the lived instant is portrayed through kitsch aesthetic and the fetishization of banal, outmoded objects, blending the personal with the mass reproduced.