Davide Dicorato
Milan 1991

​Davide Dicorato is an Italian artist who currently works in Milan. After studying a MA in visual arts and curatorial studies at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti university he has participated in international artist residencies such as Black Circle Festival (Uzhorod, 2015) or Residencia casa Pomar (Buenos Aires, 2017). From 2014 he has taken part in many international group shows including “Facciamo ch’eravamo” at Sonnenstube (Lugano, 2014) and “Metamorfoses”(Mytilene, 2015) at K-Gold Temporary Gallery. Likewise, among Dicorato ́s last exhibitions in his home city are notable “The Great Learning” at La Triennale (2017) and his solo show “Forget about it” (2017) at Current Project.

​Working in a wide variety of mediums and languages, his work usually employs stark visual juxtapositions between found materials and ready-mades, often decontextualizing organic shapes and forms and combining them with synthetic and mass-produced objects. Thus, he stimulates the creation of new narratives which harbor an ongoing conflict between nature and artifice, upturning accepted logics and assumed categories of representation.

Dicorato’s playful approach renders humor into his practice, achieving highly sensory results with simple, spontaneous gestures. This penchant for the amusing and the incongruous can be traced back to the European collections of curiosities, which, often discriminating between the domains of ‘naturalia’ (objects belonging to the natural kingdom), and ‘artificialia’ (man-made artifacts, such as works of art and handicrafts), still reserved a special place for such items displaying a hybrid status in relation to these two categories.

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