Twisted grid
Denise Treizman

Year: 2017
Medium: Glazed ceramic, glitter and resin
Dimensions:  18 x 30 x 4 cm · 7 x 11,8 x 1,5 in

This glazed ceramic wall sculpture is a product of the artist’s ongoing investigation of spontaneous methods of object making. Mainly guided by her intuition, she makes formal decisions based on both tactile and visual dynamics, exploring concepts such as informality, improvisation and chance. The recurring play of bouncy, contrasting colour patterns in Treizman ́s work comes forth in this piece as a candid invitation for the viewer to engage with it, subverting the inanimate nature of the art-object.

Treizman’s ceramic pieces infuse the scope of her practice with a higher degree of human emotion and intimacy: coexisting among her interventions and assemblages of found, everyday objects, their handcrafted quality evokes the emotional history ascribed to owned objects and the melancholy emanated from the act of getting rid of them. Hence, this piece enacts the interplay between accumulative and throw-away tendencies, preservation and loss.

The crack which splits the work in two has been intentionally filled with a mix of glitter and resin, an unabashed restoring attempt hinting toward Kintsugi ceramic repair techniques. To this extent, Treizman calls our attention to those attributes which make an object undesirable in a consumer culture where broken or flawed commodities are discarded and replaced.