Gabriele Herzog
Basel 1965

​Gabriel Herzog is a swiss artist who works between Berlin and London. She began her art studies at Schule für Gestaltung in Basel and later she completed a MA at Camberwell College of Arts (London, 2007). Recently, Herzog has participated in the artist residency “Look&Listen”(Saint Chamas, 2016) and her works have been exhibited in her first solo show “Look&Listen/Mediateque” (Cornillon-Confoux, 2016). Among her international group shows feature “Show your colours” (Assen, 2015) at 3 SMAHK Assen, “The black&white project/NYC#5” (New York, 2016), at Transmitter Gallery NY and “TAPE Berlin” (2017), as part of the Gallery Weekend Berlin 17

Herzog works the surfaces of her canvas in such a way that the elements of light and dark, or rather, negative and positive space become complex and undefined. What was once positive now appears to be negative. There is a formidable and delicate tension between the balance of positive and negative space. This tension evokes a reaction of emotional immediacy, a sense that the balance could be knocked off kilter at any time. The works are viewed with caution. The finished works expose a sense of calm but are menacing nonetheless.

Herzog’s paintings might appear as minimalist and pared-down abstractions upon first glance. The colour palette is reduced in spectrum in any one canvas, and muted in tone, but the result is anything but simplified.

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