Jon Rollins

Year: 2018 
Medium:Gesso, acrylic, gouache, graphite, charcoal, crayon, paper on panel
Dimensions: 61 x 41 cm · 16 x 24 in

This piece hinges on strategies of salvage, appropriation, and chance, which are consistent throughout the artist’s body of work. The bottom collage element is a cut-up from a study of Richard Diebenkorn’s “Albuquerque No. 4” and the top collage piece and board itself are, like many elements in Rollins’ practice, scraps and fragments of old works which he re-contextualises. The title, ‘Dieb’, which is German for thief, jokingly embodies a self-accusation for ‘stealing’ from another artist’s work. Far from derogatory, it seems more like a triumphant statement, Picasso’s famous quote coming to mind: “Good artists copy. Great artists steal”.