Laura Sebastianes
Córdoba 1990

​Laura Sebastianes is a Spanish artist who lives and works in Barcelona. After receiving a BA in Fine Arts at University Alonso Cano, Granada in 2013, she was granted the Alonso Cano and the Emilio Ollero awards in 2014 and 2016 respectively. She is currently participating in the artistic residency Piramidón Contemporary Art Centre of Barcelona. Sebastianes has become part of several group shows such as Proyecto RESET at the Condes de Gabia Palace in Granada and La Cartuja in 2015, Switzerland. Her most recent ones include El peso del alma. Fisiología de la vida y la muerte at the exhibition room Parque Tecnológico de Ciencias de la Salud in Granada, and ¿Qué piensan, qué sienten los artistas andaluces de ahora? at the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art of Seville in 2017.

​Her work mainly explores the pursuit of spatial harmony, balance and serenity, through the creation, elaboration and assembly of diverse materials. Matter and its most expressive qualities (colour, fragility, textures..) become one of her main channel of expression. Sebastianes reveals an experimental work, where intuition and hazard develop until they become a rational process in search of conceptual values. She deals with time and space turned to matter as a tool to shape interior spaces, becoming another of her main themes through her work. Heavily moved by the influence of the oriental art and craft, Sebastianes currently practices traditional methods in the creation of paper.

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