Leo Arnold
London 1992

​Leo Arnold is a British artist who lives and works in London. Since he graduated from ​the Glasgow School of Art, he has exhibited at the David Roberts Art Foundation in London ​and the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. In 2015 he was granted the Carnegie scholarship and the New Contemporaries Selected Artist prize by the same institution.

Arnold’s work explores fundamental human experiences drawing upon elements from his own life in which he can find some shared experience, something that feels necessary or urgent. A good example of this is a series of paintings he made that depicted people having ‘bad’ sex. He found that sex – although often depicted – is rarely shown as anything but sexy, straight and cis-gendered.

He made a series work that revels in the hilarious and excruciating elements of sex that are often experienced but not often depicted, and where gender and sexual preference are not of central importance. The resulting work is about something universal, in this case the vulnerability of trying to forge an intimate connection, the oddness of desire, the impossibility of the object of desire being adequate to what is expected of them.

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