Lilian Ptacek
London 1992

​Lilian Ptacek is a British-American national currently working in Glasgow, UK, where she recently graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in Fine Art, Painting and Printmaking. She completed a 6 week fellowship at The Lighthouse Works on Fishers Island, New York where she has also held the solo show A Shifting Scenery of Possible Sets, Peekskill. She has recently been part of the Glasgow Print Studio.

Ptacek’s practice chiefly consists of prints and sculptures that form collages, either across the image plane or within the dynamics of an installation. These mixed-media collages reference deified objects, altars and theatrical stages such as medieval frescos, icons and proscenium arcs in theatres. Production methods, materiality and process are central to her practice, printing directly ​onto plaster and concrete as well as paper, and installing prints within a sculptural tradition.

Often using print to create compositions that amalgamate painterly marks with digital reproductions, these processes enable a variety of marks to be captured, marks which often are used ​​to obscure motifs in compositions, consciously leaving discreet elements intact. 

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