Nicholas F. Callaway
Santa Rosa CA 1985

​Nicholas F. Callaway is an American artist who currently works in Madrid. He graduated in Linguistics at the Reed College of Oregon in 2007, before completing a two-year printmaking course in the Oviedo School of Art in 2012. He is currently finishing his MA in Artistic Investigation and Creation in the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

In 2016 he completed a residency programme with El Quinto Espacio art collective in La Neomudéjar art center, Madrid. He has recently taken part in the ‘Entreacto 2017’ programme with his solo-show ‘Shibboleth’ at Espacio Cruce gallery (Madrid, 2017). He has also participated in numerous group shows, such as ‘Los monstruos juegan con las flores’ (Madrid, 2016), JustMad8 art fair (2017, Madrid) and ‘San Claudio: In memoriam’ (2017, Oviedo).

​Callaway’s practice centers on the before, after and meanwhile of violence. Shying away from the act itself, he proceeds to interrogate how it is used to structure social relationships, how it is naturalized into everyday life, and the kind of physical traces it leaves behind. Often stemming from long periods of academic investigation, in which information is meticulously gathered and assimilated, his work addresses specific historical periods of political crisis and widespread public displays of violence.

His practice, chiefly involving sculpture, but also collage, photography, video, drawing and printmaking, usually comes in the form of highly didactic installations in which the viewer feels as if guided through the dark and obscure recesses of history, a certain morbid interest awakened, thirsty to unfold the meanings and symbols which the pieces hold, like mute totems or congealed artifacts of past acts of violence.

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