Organized chaos
Valentina González

Year: 2017
Medium: Acrylic and wood
Dimensions: 120 x 63 cm · 47.2 x 24.8 in

Like the rest of the paintings from the homonymous series ‘Organized chaos’, this piece enacts a negociating effort between the metaphysical plane and the influence of sensory perception. Attending above all to the more formal aspects of painting such as line, composition and color, Valentina transcribes elements she distills from meditative trances and combines them with others originating from sensory experience. Thus, she generates a disruption between two opposing domains which she parallels to the dualistic concept of chaos within order.

When staging this coalescing point, Valentina appropriates the purist aesthetics and formalisms of the early twentieth century, opting for the simplicity of shapes and hardness of contours, geometry and architectural references, pointing toward the absolute concepts of order and perfection. These elements are alternated and superimposed in an amalgam of erratic rhythms and contrasted forms, planes of uniform color and sections of half-mixed paint, endowing the painting with a paradoxical instability.

Through this combination of opposites, the artist seeks to convey the friction between the purest elements derived from the primitive self, achieved through meditation, and the subsequent chaos human experiences permeate our ideas and perceptions with.