Valentina González
Cali CO 1987

​Valentina González Aristizábal is a Colombian artist currently living and working in Madrid. In 2011 she graduated in Marketing Studies from the Louisiana State University, gaining first place in the advertising campaign for the annual auction organised by the Habitat for Humanity NGO (Louisiana, 2012) on the following year. Once in Madrid, she has taken several drawing and painting workshops at El Enclave Art Academy (Madrid, 2015) and in the Atenea Art School (Madrid, 2016). In 2016 she was among the selected artists for the Spanish periodic emerging art catalogue Flamantes. She has also recently participated in the group show at the Patricia Zea Collective Art Studio (Cali, 2017).

Valentina’s work in a way attempts to cover the narrow threshold in between the intelligible idea and its perceptible expression. Approaching painting from a spiritual standpoint, the artist employs meditative techniques as a resource when generating motifs for her abstract compositions. Through these visualization exercises, she gains access to simplifications in the form of colours and contours, images which she deems unadulterated by the distorting nature she ascribes to human perception.

These pure forms are transcribed and revaluated during the creative process upon the pictorial surface. Through the alteration and reordering of these, she disturbs the concepts of harmony and stability associated with geometry and architecture, introducing variations and disruptive elements which she invests with the forces of chaos. The paintings mediate between the original motifs and the resulting transformations, covering the abyss between thought and expression, idea and process.

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